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Using objects for self-defense purposes

knuckle duster krav maga

The use of objects (anything you can find/in your pockets at a certain time) is an important part in the field of self-defense. Our environment is filled with various common objects which can be used for self defense easily, for example:

  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Sticks
  • Chairs and more

Using any of these wisely for defending yourself in a necessary situation can be a major factor in the results of a violent confrontation.

violent confrontation

When we talk about using objects within the Krav Maga method, we usually divide it into two main parts:

Using objects that cannot be moved or objects that cannot be moved easily. This includes somethings like a door, a heavy table, etc. These objects are usually used as a shelter/buffer against an attack or as a tool for the counter attack/improve the defender’s position.

Power-enhancing objects. Objects that can be moved easily and comfortably. These objects are often a direct continuation of the user’s limb and due to their physical properties are able to absorb the force of the blow and cause great damage to the attacker upon impact. Sometimes they are also used for the purposes of diversion and deterrence. In part, some of these objects can be classified as “weapon-like objects“.


objects for self defense

Objects of this type are divided into five subgroups:

A. Objects that are similar to the use of a “Shield” – a chair, a bag, a small piece of furniture. These objects are mainly used for defense, although they can usually be used for general counter-attacks as well.

B. Objects that are similar to the use of a “Baton” – an umbrella, rolled-up newspaper, a flashlight and many others. Mostly used for attack and defense.

C. Chain-like objects (objects that bypass protection) – a rope, a bag with a strap, and many more. Mostly used for attack.

D.  Objects you can throw – for instance… Sand, stones, coins and much more. These objects are used mainly for distraction and deterrence.

E. Knife-like objects – a broken bottle, sharp branch, tin, keys and other everyday objects. These objects are mainly intended for cutting and stabbing purposes – Krav Maga teachers usually teach the use of objects of this type solely for the purpose of diversion.

** Of course it is worth mentioning that some objects fall into several categories at the same time.


The use of common objects as self-defense tools has several basic principles:

1. Understanding that almost any object can be used for self-defense purposes.

2. Use the object wisely according to your goals. For example: using an object according to its physical properties. The object must be stronger than the body part of the opponent you wish to hit.

3. Use the object as you would use your hands and feet to strike – see it as a natural extension of your body.

4. Do not fixate on the use of the object and do not hesitate to throw it away in order to improve your position.

5. Use your whole body and not just the object in your possession.

6. Any attack carried out with the help of an object should be short and purposeful so as not to “hint” to the opponent about your intentions.


Lastly, it is important to mention the Legal aspect:

The use of any objects may be defined as the improper use of cold weapons for the purposes of assault, therefore extra caution must be taken when objects are used against another person, even for self defense purposes. Laws and regulations may be different between different countries around the world. Remember to always prefer to avoid any conformation.